The Authentic Leadership Health and Wellbeing
Programme for Headteachers

"I don't go home broken anymore”

The Authentic Leadership Health and Wellbeing Programme for current and aspiring headteachers is a premium CPD experience designed to help you achieve a sense of balance, both within yourself, and at work. It will make you feel whole again.

We are on a mission to help develop

balanced leaders

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Welcome to Balanced, a unique blend of the latest evidenced-based tools and leadership research, carefully designed to help make your life healthier, happier and more fulfilling.

Balanced is a ground-breaking health, wellbeing and authentic leadership programme for headteachers. We are delighted to be offering this unique package to current and aspiring headteachers across the UK.

Consisting of innovative real-time biofeedback technology, clinical research, and evidence-informed leadership performance coaching, the insightful course has been carefully blended to help busy headteachers create a sense of inner and outer balance, both in themselves and the schools they lead.

The bespoke CPD programme provides the perfect balance of holistic leadership support that we believe will add significant value to the sector as a whole, both for new, aspiring, and experienced headteachers alike. We have a number of different packages to choose from, depending on your needs and budget, ranging from half a day up to a full year. Get in touch today to see how we can support you.

You can download a copy of the programme in full by heading here.

“I didn’t think I could find the time for something like this, but can honestly say it’s the best thing I have done for myself.” “At the end of last term I was going to leave as the stress had overwhelmed me, however I am still here and am managing so much better.”

Essex headteachers

Discover how our purpose-driven and values-led programme can help you become a more balanced leader in your school, partnership, LA, or trust.


Why we need balanced leaders

Current leadership challenges and what the research shows

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Balanced: an overview of the programme

Aims, programme summary, and investment

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Heart health and stress

The biofeedback technology and how we use it

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In addition to the latest research around cardiac coherence and biofeedback, Balanced has also been designed around the innovative four-part model in The Authentic Leader by Andrew Morrish. All participants receive a free copy of the book - published by Bloomsbury in 2022 - and we use it to structure our leadership performance coaching sessions and conversations back in school throughout the year long programme.

On culture, on purpose

The authentic leader
The four-part model to lead your school to success

Andrew’s new book, The Authentic Leader, presents a unique four-part model to help headteachers lead their school with purpose, authenticity, clarity, and vision. Based on the latest leadership research and 20 years of headship and CEO experience, The Authentic Leader will help heads to take back control of the agenda so that their core values drive everything they and others do. In essence, authentic leaders are balanced leaders.

Accompanied throughout by real-life examples from serving headteachers and CEOs, the pioneering 4C model of authentic leadership, will take headteachers on a journey that will empower them to:

  • Construct their own purpose, vision, values and beliefs
  • Connect with other people to build trust, relationships and motivation
  • Commit to bring about meaningful change, capacity-building, and growth
  • Create purposeful impact in their school and beyond that adds social value.

Above all, this innovative framework for leading change will enable authentic school leaders to create a culture where every child and every teacher can thrive and succeed.

All participants in the programme will receive a complimentary copy of the book in advance of commencement. Each of the leadership coaching sessions will focus on each of the themes within the 4C model.

"Successful school leadership starts and ends with you: who you are, what you believe in, and why you do the things you do."

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