Our solution 

To enable headteachers to achieve a sense of balance, we have designed a leadership development programme, consisting of three cycles (one per term for a year) that has been carefully sequenced to combine the following elements:

  • Induction, initial diagnostic needs analysis, and training on the use of the bio-feedback technology (60 minutes, synchronous) 
  • Wellbeing and self-regulation coaching (3 x 60 minutes, synchronous)
  • Leadership performance coaching (3 x 60 minutes, synchronous)
  • Group coaching (3 x 90 minutes, synchronous)
  • Ongoing opportunities for deliberate practice application and feedback (non-synchronous)

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Measurably improve their Heart Rate Variability; a key marker of heart health
  • Reduce anxiety, panic, stress, or feelings of overwhelm the moment they occur
  • Reduce the impact of stress before, during, and after a difficult conversation or situation
  • Improve the ability to problem-solve and communicate effectively in the face of challenge
  • Improve the quality of their sleep, through the application of scientifically validated self-regulation techniques, supported by biofeedback technology
  • Improve their ability to lead themselves and others through greater self-awareness in order to bring about meaningful change that leads to sustainable impact
  • Embed the four-part Authentic Leader Model in their school in order to cultivate a purpose-driven culture where everyone thrives
  • Achieve a sense of balance, both at home, within themselves, with others, and in the workplace

The Programme  

The programme overview is as follows.

We aim to launch new cohorts at the start of each new term, September, January, and April. As an example, the timings for a typical autumn term cohort are as follows (based on 2022):

Engagement window

Cycle 1 programme activity 

Wk 2: 12/09/22 – 16/09/22           

Programme preparation and orientation webinar with Maria and Andrew (Virtual, group, 90 minutes)

Wk 3: 19/09/22 – 23/09/22

Complete and submit Needs Analysis to be discussed at first wellbeing coaching session.

Wk 4: 26/09/22 – 07/10/22

Wellbeing coaching with Maria (Virtual, one-to-one, 60 minutes)

Wk 6: 10/10/22 and ongoing

Deliberate practice (techniques)

Wk 7-9: 17/10/22 – 4/11/22

Leadership coaching with Andrew (Virtual, one-to-one, 60 minutes)

H A L F   T E R M

Wk 10: 07/11/22 and ongoing

Deliberate practice (authentic leader model)

Wk14: 5/12/22 -16/12/22

Group coaching with Maria and Andrew (Virtual, group, 90 minutes)

Throughout the coaching sessions, and the programme itself, the CPD experience has been designed to be disruptive in order to challenge participants' thinking. They will be encouraged to engage in critical self-reflection, drawing on insights and experience as they seek to become balanced leaders, both at home and at work. There will also be a strong focus on the three main CPD mechanisms of goal-setting, feedback and action planning. 

Typical coaching sessions consist of the following content, depending on needs-analysis:

Wellbeing coaching


4 Session Format


Induction and Welcome

By the end of the session the participant will:

  • Be able to identify personal triggers and stressors.
  • Know how to deal with them effectively the moment they occur.
  • Learn to use and understand the biofeedback technology.

Session 1

  • Understand the critical role of the heart in the stress response.
  • Be able to unlock greater performance, faster, by leveraging the real drivers of behavior and results.

Session 2

  • Understand resilience in relation to stress and heart health.
  • Be able to identify their personal ‘optimal zone’, and how to achieve it on a daily basis.

Session 3

  • Be able to apply strategies to build and sustain an optimal physiologically resilient state, known as ‘cardiac coherence’.
  • Understand how to improve their mental clarity and communicate more effectively in the face of challenge.
  • Create a clear strategy of support practices going forward.

Leadership coaching

3 Session Format

Main focus (although will be driven by the needs of the coachee)

Session 1

Quadrant 1: Construct

Discovering your purpose through mission, vision, and beliefs

Session 2

Quadrant 2: Connect

Empowering people through relationships, trust, and motivation

Session 3

Quadrants 3 and 4: Commit and Create

Unlocking potential through capacity, strategy, and growth

We are currently seeking accreditation from a university which will likely require the submission of a written summative assessment task in the form of an evaluative case study at the end of the programme.



We've kept the pricing structure simple: the more people you invest in, the better the value. Prices start at £2300 per person, but can be as little as £1900 each for a larger group of 30 (17% discount). This includes ten and a half hours' of coaching, full induction and training on the use of the Heart Health biosensor app, a copy of The Authentic Leader, and full developmental support through the year.

To download a copy of the programme in full, click here.